A Sustainable ModeL

We are a social business that uses every cent of profit to do more social good.

MAD is a unique social business focused on connecting high need community focused nonprofit organisations with those who want to help. Established in 2013, we started off as a small nonprofit (water and toilets) ourselves and have since grown into an award winning social business that has impacted over 10,000 lives.

What do we do

We partner local nonprofits around the world to design very specific poverty alleviation projects that detail the project cost, required resources, time lines and social impact. To implement and finance these projects, we recruit passionate individuals who want to volunteer abroad and empower them through our online crowd fundraising platform to raise funds and donate towards their project. By integrating our impact focused volunteer programs with our assisted crowd funding platform we provide anyone who wants to make a difference with the opportunities and the tools to do so.

Our social mission

We envision a world where everyone is actively involved in reducing poverty. We've made it our mission to empower everyday people to fundraise and volunteer on high impact poverty alleviation projects. We do this by offering volunteers an online platform to raise funds and the opportunity to travel with us to understand how their funds are being used, how the project is being implemented, while also understanding the complexities of working on poverty alleviation projects.

We're a social business

We are not a for-profit business and neither are we a charity. We are a unique business that uses 100% of our profits to do more social good. That means no big fat bonuses, no obscene salaries and no dividend payouts to our investors. We exist purely to pursue and fulfil our social mission!