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Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Kenya

We've been fundraising for local non-profit organisations in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Cambodia since 2013 for water and sanitation projects.

We kicked off 2014 by getting 15 Malaysians to come together to raise money for water filters in Cambodia. In just over 10 days they raised over USD 10,000 and traveled together to rural Siem Reap to install the filters themselves and meet some of the 500 villagers they helped gain access to safe drinking water.

The year only got better as we managed to build yet another tube well in North-East Sri Lanka which we identified during our field visits in early January. We also got people together to fundraise for toilets for a primary school in rural Kenya where the kids are forced to practice open defecation.

Our ongoing fundraising for our local partner in Cambodia hit USD 50,000 in December 2014 which means over 2,500 Cambodian villagers now have access to safe drinking water.

In 2015, we continued to fundraise for biosand water filters for Cambodians and took our fundraisers on volunteer field trips.

Watch this video of our impact in 2014



When we first started we were known as a charity called WNT (water and toilets). Navin started WNT as a result of a life changing volunteer trip that brought him face to face with the water and sanitation crisis in Kenya and Sri Lanka. 

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Watch this video of our impact in 2013