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We'll help you setup an online fundraising campaign. Have fun sharing your campaign with friends and family via social media.


Get Dirty

Travel with us to rural Cambodia and get your hands dirty building life saving water filters. Meet the local NGO and see for yourself how the money you raised is being used in the field. 


Meet Women

Travel deep into rural Cambodia to meet the women and children who you've helped to gain access to clean drinking water. 



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How it works


Help 3 families

Raise a minimum of USD 300 to help 3 rural families in Cambodia gain access to a 20 year supply of clean water. This will qualify you to join us on a volunteer trip to rural Cambodia

15 friends X USD 20

Raising USD 300 is really easy! All you'll need is 15 friends to donate USD 20 each! We'll help you set up an online campaign to collect donations.

Where & When?

Our next volunteer trip is to rural Siem Reap, Cambodia between the 28th till the 31st of May 2014

Pay your way

MAD trips are extremely low cost. You'll only need to set aside  about USD 250 to cover basic hosting fee, local transportation, accommodation and food. Flights are not included in this budget.


Where does the money you raise go?

USD 100 helps 1 family gain access to a minimum 25 year supply of clean drinking water.

  • 80% goes towards materials needed to construct BioSand Water Filters and the cost of installing and monitoring water filters.
  • 10% of every dollar raised will go towards MAD (find out why)
  • 5% to SimplyGiving.com, the online crowd funding platform powering this campaign
  • 5% to credit card / PayPal charges. 


Who's our implementing partner

All funds raised will be channeled directly to our implementing partner, Water For Cambodia (WFC). WFC has installed over 12,000 filters and helped more than 75,000 rural Cambodians.


Fundraising sounds tough!

That's what everyone says until they start! USD 300 is really easier than it sounds. All you'll need is 15 friends to donate USD 20 each. You'll find them extremely supportive when they hear you're actually taking time out to make a difference. Our team at MAD will also send you templates, tips and advice that'll make fundraising a breeze.

 To facilitate your fundraising campaign we'll help you set up an online fundraising page. This is so that your friends and family can make donations online. It's also a great way to get your campaign out on social media. 

I highly recommend this volunteer program for anyone interested in being exposed to the water and hygiene crisis at its most basic, fundamental level. During the trip, we installed 23 water filters out of the 130 filters that we helped fundraised. Even though I wish to have install it all, I came back feeling like I was able to accomplish a lot in such a short amount of time. My sincere thanks goes to MAD for making my affiliation memorable and fulfilling.
— Estee Leong
I feel glad that every cent we raised went a good cause for the community in Siem Reap. Water For Cambodia (MAD’s partner) definitely did a great job in building and maintaining the water filters for the communities. This is truly one MAD experience!
— Daniel Liew

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