Save Money

We charge a refundable USD 250 fellowship fee. We don't charge a compulsory donation and you pay for your living expenses abroad at cost price. This is often as low as USD 15/day. End up paying less than you would with traditional volunteer placement programs.

Personalised Matching

If your application is successful, we'll get in touch with you to understand your skills and aspirations to match you to an appropriate grass-root nonprofit in the country of your choice. Our personalised matching ensures that your skills are put to good use. 


Don't become just another volunteer tourist. Working on poverty alleviation projects in rural communities is a complex task. Receive mentorship and support throughout your volunteer experience that will help you understand the complexities of poverty alleviation.

Entrepreneurs for Good Winner

Our co-founder speaks at TEDx

Yunus and Youth Fellow


Our number one priority is your safety! As a volunteer you'll have 24/7 access to our support team who will keep a close eye on your progress in the field. We check in weekly with our fellows and always have someone on the ground who can assist with emergencies. Leading up to your trip, you'll receive plenty of support and advice to help you prep for your big adventure. This will include personal mentoring sessions and a detailed country kit with useful information.

Our partners


We pride ourselves in partnering with small nonprofits who do amazing work in the field and who are in genuine need of volunteer assistance. In addition to this, we work with our partners to design volunteer projects that can make a real sustainable difference. To ensure the quality of our volunteer experiences, partners are carefully selected through a strict vetting process that includes a financial audit and social checks on the organisation and its leadership.


We're Asia Experts.

Our team is in based in Malaysia. We'll find and match you with a non-profit anywhere in Asia so long as they have a genuine need for your help. 


How it works

Send us your application.

Tell us about yourself and let us know where you'd like to volunteer and the sort of volunteer work you're interested in.


If you meet our basic requirements, we'll schedule a call or Skype session with you to better understand your volunteer aspirations and skills.

Pay USD 250

If we find you're suitable for a program and if you believe MAD is the right placement partner for you, we'll ask you to pay the refundable USD 250 registration fee.


We reach out to our non profit partners and based on their needs and availability we'll send you a shortlist of non profits that would be keen to have you volunteer with them. This shortlist will be based on your personal volunteer aspirations and personal skill set.


We'll put you in touch with the non profit of your choice. Get to know the problems they face and the challenges they need help with.


Once you have chosen your volunteer experience, your mentorship program will begin. The program will include personal mentoring sessions, group discussions and access to online materials. 


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