We used to be ‘The MAD Experience’

MAD was founded in 2014 as a social business designed to bridge the gap between people who wanted to make a difference and small non-profit organisations doing impactful work on the ground and in need of funding. We did this by providing a transparent platform for individuals to crowdfund for specific water and sanitation projects and inviting our successful fundraisers on exposure field volunteer trips to better understand the problem.

We were awarded the ‘Entrepreneurs for Good’ Social Enterprise Award by British Council and Arthur Guinness in 2014.

Our work was also featured in the Vulcan Post, Air Asia’s Travel360, Focus Malaysia, BFM and Capital TV.


Impact (2014-2018)

  • Raised a total of USD 102,500 for water and sanitation projects across Kenya, North-East Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

  • Took 109 volunteers to Cambodia on exposure field trips to better understand the water crisis.

  • Installed 1,087 bio-sand water filters which provided access to clean and safe drinking water for more than 7,600 rural Cambodians.

  • Provided more than 11,000 individuals with access to clean water and toilets.


Pivot to MAD Projects

In 2017, we started working closely with the Afghan and Somali refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur. In 2018, we were selected by UNHCR as a partner to implement a 6 month Micro-Enterprise Development Program (MED) for 30 refugees and asylum-seekers in Kuala Lumpur.  This program aimed to create sustainable self-employment for entrepreneurial refugees through an intensive program which equips participants with essential business skills and practical support through mentoring and skills training workshops.

In 2019, we decided to pivot from fundraising for water and sanitation projects in Cambodia to focusing solely on supporting refuges and asylum-seekers in Malaysia develop their self-confidence and be financially independent through micro-entrepreneurship and employment preparation programs.