Here's how it works

Form a crew

Get a bunch of 20 passionate people together


Put your heads together to come up with an awesome campaign


Rally as a group towards hitting your group fundraising target


Raise a minimum USD 2,000 and we will organise a volunteer trip just for your crew!


Why should you and your crew go MAD?

Change Lives

MAD is a life changing experience for both the project beneficiaries and fundraisers.

Have Fun

Fundraising is a lot of fun. Get creative and go crazy with your buddies for a good cause.


Nothing brings a group together like a field trip deep into a rural community.


Benefits for your organisation


Your organisation isn't just about profits. Show your customers you walk the talk.

Team Building

Fundraising and volunteering as a team is a great way to build relationships and foster team spirit.


World class organizations take their social responsibility seriously. Get involved.


The Cost?

You will have to cover the cost of your flights, lodging, meals and pay a program fee to cover ground transportation and trip arrangements.