5 Tips to Smash Your Target

The idea of fundraising can seem daunting at first but the truth is it's very simple. Here are 5 tips that will have you raising money in no time!


Tip 1 : 10 Day Campaign

One of the biggest problems fundraisers encounter is momentum. It's very exciting when we sign up to fundraise but as soon as our work or daily commitments come calling we get distracted and forget all about the awesome campaign we wanted to run.

There's a simple solution to this. Identify a 10 day stretch in your calendar where you'll be able to dedicate yourself to fundraising. Choose a stretch where you won't be traveling extensively and where you won't have other major commitments. Now make a personal pledge to dedicate yourself to actively campaigning over these 10 days.

Fundraising isn't complex but it still requires some attention. You'll need to write Facebook updates, email friends and thank donors. So identify a 10 stretch and mentally prepare yourself to go all out over this period of time. 

Ideally start on a Friday and end on a Sunday. That'll give you 2 weekends to promote your campaign

  1. Friday
  2. Saturday
  3. Sunday
  4. Monday
  5. Tuesday
  6. Wednesday
  7. Thursday
  8. Friday
  9. Saturday
  10. Sunday

Share your 10 day target with your donors as well. It's a great way to create urgency and to motivate to take action immediately to support your campaign.

Tip 2: Make a personal video

As you start raising funds you'll quickly realize that your friends and family are donating to your campaign to support YOU! Yes, they want their money to reach a social cause but the only reason they're making a donation now and not later is because they want to support YOU and your campaign.

People hate making donations to large faceless NGOs. They much prefer making donations to a face their familiar with. That is why making a personal video is one of the best ways to boost donations. A video adds a face (your face) to the campaign and it's a testimony of your commitment to the campaign. Your friends and family will only want to support you if they know you're serious about your campaign and a video is a great way to prove your commitment to them.

Besides, they'll really be impressed if you make the effort to step out of your comfort zone for a cause you care about.

Tip 3: List 15 friends and send them personal messages

Every MAD Experience has a minimum required fundraising target. For instance, if you're raising money for filters in Cambodia your minimum target would be USD 100. The best way to hit this minimum is to make a list of 10 friends and ask each one to make a donation of USD 10. Every time 1 friend turns you down, add a friend to your list and approach the new addition.

The idea behind making a list of 15 is that you write each person a personal email, FB message or text message. Personal messages work wonders in increasing your likelihood of receiving donations. People don't pay attention to generic emails that say "Hi Guys, would you please support me…". Instead, people pay attention to emails that are directed right at them that for instance say "Hi Jen, are you back from holidaying in Thailand? I'm raising money…" The latter proves that you thought of them specifically and made a special  effort to reach out to them for support.

*10 is a minimum number to work with. By all means, make a longer lists if you can and you'll be smashing your target before you know it!

Tip 4: Social media is your best friend

Social media is the best way to get your campaign out into the world! Once you've setup your personal fundraising page and when you have made your personal video share the respective url links on your FB page. Once you've done this, message a few of your closest FB friends and ask them to share your FB links as well. You'd be surprised how supportive people are when you make the effort to make a difference in the world.

Remember your 10 Day Campaign plan? Make sure you're checking your Facebook every day during the 10 Day campaign to reply any queries you may have from friends who are curious about your campaign and who might be keen to donate.

Tip 5: Share your target, update your donors & say thank you!

Throughout your campaign, share your personal fundraising target with your friends and family. As you make progress towards your goal, post updates on Facebook and via email to your list of 15 friends. If you do this consistently, your friends and family will start to feel like they're on this journey with you. Soon you'll have your close buddies rallying their friends on FB to support your campaign.

When you start receiving donations, remember to thank each donor. It's good manners and a great way to encourage your donors to spread the word to their friends as well.

Bonus Tip: Have Fun!

We've realized the most successful fundraisers have been those who didn't take themselves too seriously and just had fun with the whole process. Make whacky videos, send cheeky messages to your friends to twist their arms into supporting your campaign and go a bit crazy to get the attention of your friends on social media. In the end it's all for a good cause!