Footprints in the sand

By Benjamin Soo

Have you ever walked on sand at the beach and looked back to see the footprints you left behind, just to have it the very next moment, washed away by the waves that sweep the shore? Kind of has that slightly “bummed” feeling to it doesn’t it? What about the charities, volunteering and fund-raising initiatives that you’ve given or pledged yourself to? Have you ever wondered if those too were just footprints in the sand? Here today, maybe lost tomorrow? 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the privilege of listening to stories from our past volunteers and the joy that is evident in our conversations as they share their experience is priceless. You can tell this is one memory and milestone in their life which they will carry with them in their hearts forever. A story they wouldn’t mind repeating again and again.

“Will it be worth it?”

I’m pretty sure that question would’ve crossed your mind at least once while considering whether or not to fundraise or go on a volunteer trip. We’re talking about comfort zones that we need to step out of, finances that we need to allocate for the trip and even company leave that we need to fix with that grumpy HR representative just to go on a trip!

Our response to you will come in the form of testimonials from beneficiaries, statistics, graphs and GPS coordinates to show you how your dedication and contribution left an impact possibly bigger and longer lasting than you could have imagined. 

dirty water

The photo above was taken during our last volunteer trip in December 2014 when our enthusiastic volunteers decided to test the quality of the filtered water for themselves. So, they emptied out their mineral water bottles and filled one with unfiltered water sitting at the top of a filter and filled the other with water which had just been filtered.The two bottles clearly show the difference. 

To me, the photo is strong evidence to show the impact you helped create isn’t merely footprints in the sand that are there today and gone tomorrow; rather, it is lifelong impact that in some major way, changed someone’s life for the better. Someone in that village could’ve lived longer than in their normal unchanged circumstances would because of the availability of clean water that prolonged their lifespan. A young child could’ve graduated out of high school with a promising future ahead simply because clean water meant that he/she will not be sick and absent most of the schooling days in a year and could pay better attention in class.

Anyone still questioning will it be worth it?