6 Steps To A Kick Ass Fundraising Campaign

By Navin Muruga

The feeling you get as your friends and loved ones rally behind a cause you care about is truly special and the experience will reinstate your faith in humanity. Here are 6 simple steps you can take to make sure you run a kick ass fundraising campaign.


Step 1: Ask why?

You have to ask yourself “why am I doing this?” Is it something you truly believe in or are you just messing about because fundraising sounds cool? Asking why will help you define your true purpose behind running a campaign . A strong sense of purpose creates passion! Passion will provide you with the stamina you’ll need to face the inevitable hurdles you’ll have to overcome on your way to the finish line.


Step 2: Pledge!

People like to support fundraisers who do something in return for donations. Choose to take on a personal challenge, give up a special occasion like your birthday or pledge to spend your own hard earned personal funds on a trip to meet the disadvantaged communities you’re fundraising for.


Step 3: Scare Yourself

As you setup your campaign, you’ll be asked to set a fundraising goal. Make sure it’s ambitious! Your fundraising target has to be worth achieving! If it’s too easy, it won’t excite you and if you’re not excited you won’t be bothered. Deep down in us there is this deep desire to outdo ourselves. Tap into this natural motivation by stepping out of your comfort zone when setting your goal.


Step 4: Just Start

No matter how unique your fundraising idea, how deep your passion or how detailed your plan, it means nothing until you put it into action. As soon as you move into action the world will react.


Step 5: Go Public

Don’t be shy. Tell everyone about your campaign! The world is full of people who are genuinely interested in helping you make a difference if only they knew about it. Use social media and your phone book to reach out to your friends and loved ones.


Step 6: Commit Fully

This is the key to success. You’ve got to stick with it! If you’ve set an ambitious goal worth achieving you’re bound to face some challenges. The key is to stay committed. This is where ‘asking why?’ before you start your project is so important. If you have a deep sense of purpose and passion for the task at hand, you’ll have a better chance of sticking through till the end.