Have you met Ruba?


By Rebeqah Abraham

A few months back, Ruba single handedly raised US$ 500 to help 10 families in rural Cambodia gain access to a lifetime supply of clean water. We asked her how she did it.

MAD: Just so everyone knows, what do you do for a living?

Ruba: I'm a journalist at Cleo magazine.


MAD: So you raised 500 USD in 10 days! How’d you do it?

Ruba: Mostly it was an online campaign. I whatsapped people I knew and they helped pass the message along. Friends shared my fundraising page and asked their friends to help out.


MAD: Did you have to sacrifice much time for this fundraising?

Ruba: Not really. All it took was to boost my page and the cause. The site and my video was self-explanatory. But mainly it was the fact that there was a personal touch that pushed them to donate. They knew I was going to Cambodia to implement the project myself so they knew what was happening with their money.


In my opinion, Malaysians’ generosity depends on income. Obviously a stranger would need more depth of info before they take out their wallet but if I were to tell them that RM 65 helped one person to a lifetime supply of clean water, they just might. I mean, I would!