Give 2014

By Navin Muruga

Written on Jan 18 2014 by our Founder

So it’s 2014. Another year. I’m sitting quietly in a noisy pub in Siem Reap and it feels like 2013. I’m working on another project, meeting new communities and I’m thinking up of new ways to get more people involved in making a difference..

It’s just like 2013 but there’s one difference. I’m not alone anymore. Tomorrow 12 passionate individuals join me in Siem Reap. They’re not tourist. They’re fundraisers. They’re the guys who said “yes” when I asked if they would raise money for clean water. They’re the ones that despite their busy schedules, made the time to spread the word. They’re the ones who raised more than USD 10,000 to help over 600 rural Cambodians.

Without being too dramatic, I hope it’s okay to say that they’re proof that it’s possible for just about anyone to make a dfference. Nothing really separates them from everybody else. Well, nothing except for their willingness to say “yes”. 

They’ll get here tomorrow and we’ll head out to the communes on Monday. We’ll have blast. Not because we’re in Siem Reap where the beer is 50 cents but because it’s only January and we’ve already given poverty the up yours!

Life’s about giving. Not taking. Not really sure who came up with that but I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard a version of it. Let’s make 2014 about giving.

Trust me. The world needs more giving.