We’re developing solutions to connect refugees with QUALITY LIVELIHOOD opportunities


Our Solutions


Entrepreneurship Incubator

An intensive 6-month program that helps aspiring refugee entrepreneurs to start a micro-business. Participants generate ideas, conduct market validation, develop a minimum viable product, pitch for funding and launch their own business.


Employability Skills Training

A practical workshop that helps refugee job seekers become more effective in the job market. Participants learn to prepare a resume, interview professionally and groomed to adapt to local work culture.


Our Customers

“Before I joined the program, I was very shy. Now I have my own business. I am not shy to talk to people about it. I run the business with my wife and now there is more love as we work together.”
— Farooq (2018 graduate)
“I feel I am a powerful woman because I am independent now. And being independent makes a person feel confident. Before this I was not earning anything but now, I can support my family.”
— Sediqa (2018 graduate)
“This program changed me 100%. I learnt I have to be brave and not give up.”
— Fatima (2018 graduate)
“I developed the confidence to speak to customers. I started to see running a business as an alternative to working for someone.”
— Salih Ahmadi (2018 graduate)

Our Supporters